Peer-review process


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Peer-review process

The peer-review procedure of the articles, provided for the publishing in “The Kazan Socially-Humanitarian Bulletin”:

1. Every scientific article received by the editorial board has to go through the peer-review procedure.

2. Deputy chief editor estimates whether the article is written in accordance with the topic of the journal and if the outlet of the article is appropriate. Afterwards the article will be sent to the Doctor of Science, who has the closest specialization to the topic of the article.

3. The reviewer is notified that the article is a private property and it contains information not allowed for the distribution. The reviewer is not allowed to copy the article. The peer-review is confidential.

4. The dates and the time for peer-review are set by the executive secretary.

5. The review must convey the following information:

— Matching of the article and its heading;
— To what extent the article complies with the current achievements in the specific field of study;
— Language and style appropriateness;
— Reasonability of publishing the article;
— The description of the advantages and the drawbacks of the article.

6. The peer-review is anonymous. The review is provided to the author on his written request and on the request of the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles, without any signature and surname, post and place of employment.

7. If the review contains recommendations for the correction and improvement of the article, the executive secretary directs these remarks to the author with the offer to take the recommendations to account and to prepare a new version of the article. The improved version is again sent for the peer-review.

8. The final decision is taken by the editorial board and is recorded in the editorial board meeting protocol.

9. After taking the decision to accept the article for publishing, the executive secretary informs the author about it and specifies the time of publishing.

10. The original articles are kept by the editorial board for 5 years.