The article submission


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The article submission

The editorial board of “The Kazan Socially-Humanitarian Bulletin” examines only original articles in Russian or English. The article must be new and never published before.

Articles submitted for the publication go through an obligatory peer-review process before the editorial board comes to a decision based on the grounds of two reviews. The reviews are prepared by specialists with degrees in the field of study, which is closely related to the topic of the article. The editorial board retains the right to reject the article or suggest changes.

Affiliation and the author’s rights for the materials published in the journal are defined by the ongoing regulations and requirements of the Russian Federation. Journal articles and excerpts distributing via the Internet is acceptable, but in this case the source reference is obligatory. It is forbidden for the third party or other organizations to publish the journal materials on paper or on the hard electronic media without the editors’ permission.

General requirements for the articles:

In order to submit your article for peer-review you need to send the following documents to the editorial board:

  1. Either the recommendation of the academic board of your department, or the recommendation from the Doctor of Science in your field of study must be submitted;
  2. Registration Form;
  3. Publishing article, prepared according to the rules of the electronic articles layout (the electronic version should be provided in the Russian or the English language);
  4. Permission to process the author's personal data.

The listed documents have to be sent to the editorial board via email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (this email address will be used for the future communications between the author and the editorial board). Phone number +7 (843) 216-30-35.

The articles which do not meet the criteria of the article layout cannot be accepted and are usually returned for the correction without examination.

Download the article layout example.